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Frank Sinatra Remixed

Don Chii: I’m the type of musicphile who bounces from genre to genre, thinking I’ve found my favorite, but I’ve come to terms with myself and concluded that the genre responsible for making me the intense music lover I am is music like this. Mixtapes like this Frank Sinatra Remixed by Apple Juice Kid remind me that my heart belongs to the 1970’s, underground, Bronx-born genre we’ve come to know as hip hop. The Apple Juice Kid is a DC-bred GoGo DJ/drummer/producer who recently produced one of Wale’s viral singles “My Sweetie,” and with four hundred and blah thousand hits I give “the kid” props. Although that single is a great song, “The kid’s” past three mixtapes are of a different feel. This type of music creates a sophisticated yet cool atmosphere that you can enjoy even if preoccupied in conversation.

Download the full mixtape from http://www.applejuicekid.com/

My boy @quinnthenavajo put me on to AJK about a year ago with his Miles Davis Remixed and Louis Armstrong Remixed mixtapes. I was fond of the style right away, and here’s one of my favorite tunes from the two.

“My Sweetie” prod. by Apple Juice Kid

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